Why did Luvlette size this way?

Luvlette's  adaptive sizing is a unique system, that delivers the perfect fit and support you want.

  • Bra Size Chart
SIZE 25''-27.4'' 27.5''-29.9'' 30''-32.4'' 32.5''-34.9'' 35''-36.9'' 37''-38.9'' 39''-40.9'' 41''-42.9'' 43''-44.9''
Bust - Band Difference 3.25''-4.25'' 30A 32A 34A 36A 38A 40A 42A
4.25''-5.25'' 30B 32B 34B 36B 38B 40B 42B
5.25''-6.26'' 30C 32C 34C 36C 38C 40C 42C 44C 46C
6.25''-7.25'' 32D 34D 36D 38D 40D 42D 44D 46D
7.25''-8.25'' 32DD(E) 34DD(E) 36DD(E) 38DD(E) 40DD(E) 42DD(E) 44DD(E) 46DD(E)
8.25''-9.25'' 32DDD(F) 34DDD(F) 36DDD(F) 38DDD(F) 40DDD(F) 42DDD(F) 44DDD(F) 46DDD(F)
9.25''-10.25'' 32G 34G 36G 38G 40G 42G 44G

      Luvlette bra sizes from 30 to 46 band, and A to G cup!

      Use your current bra size as a starting point and refer to the size chart above to find your fit. 

      NOTE: The care label is in international sizing. If you have any questions about the size when receiving your bra, please refer to this size chart.

      Please feel free to contact us at anytime, the Luvlette customer service team is always here for you!


  • Wireless Size Chart
    XS 30A, 30B, 30C, 32A, 32B 65A,65B,65C,70A,70B
    S 32C, 32D, 34A, 34B 70C,70D,75A,75B
    S-DD 32DD 70E
    M 34C,34D,36A, 36B 75C,75D,80A,80B
    M-DD 34DD 75E
    L 36C,36D,38A,38B 80C,80D,85A,85B
    L-DD 36DD 80E
    XL 38C,38D,40A,40B 85C,85D,90A,90B
    XXL 40C,40D,42A,42B 90C,90D,95A,95B


    •  One Size Bra
    one-size 26.8-34.3 32C,32D,34A,34B,34C,34D,36A,36B,36C,36D,38A,38B,38C 70C,75A,75B,75C,80A,80B,80C,85A,85B,85C


    **Can't find your size? Don't worry!

       Our design team is carefully researching and diligently developing the next chapter of sizing – refusing to cut corners on our core promise of supporting EVERY body.